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What We Do

Workshops & Conversations

WECN is Preparing the Village to Raise a Child by providing ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) prevention and supportive services to fit our clients' needs and desired outcomes.


WECN provides services to youth aged 12-24 whose well-being is or has been negatively impacted by adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) due to gender-based biases, racism, and other tools of systemic oppression. 

WECN meets them where they are, physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually (PEMS). Our participants are supported in creating and implementing personal visions of success and strategic plans for wellness throughout their lifespan, through workshops, conversations, and other supportive resources.

  • Sex, Drugs & Hip-Hop (SDHH):  A Comprehensive Sex Ed Conversation

provides preventive, as well as transitional support for those at-risk for self-harming behaviors (i.e., substance abuse, unplanned pregnancy, overeating).

  • Real Life Skillz

improves the health, social well-being, and self-reliance of young people with the objective of building character, developing leadership and social skills among participants.

  • RACE Matters 

encourages understanding and respect for their own and different cultural heritages, as we explore current and past race and equity issues at both the local and national level.

  • Steps to Success

inspires youth to develop their individual Personal Vision Statement (PVS), a PEMS Strategic Plan, and the resilience needed which will enable them to push their reality up to their dreams.

  • Word Sound is Power: Spoken Word Sessions 

uses storytelling and poetry as a restorative practice for individuals who are having difficulty connecting with others due to ACEs which taught them not to trust, speak, or feel.

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"The Race Matters workshops not only started discussions during the training but have also encouraged participants to continue to learn about race, racism, and our own personal biases going forward."

"Theresa is always a highlight in the course, and students often mention her presentation as their favorite day of the class in end-of-course evaluations"

"Monarch School has had the privilege of working with Theresa Fox over the past few years. She has brought a dynamic presence and specialized interaction with staff, students, and parents. Theresa Fox has been one of Monarch's most successful partners during our high school elective period.

"Her class, "Sex, Drugs, and Hip Hop," meets individual student needs and exceeds program outcomes. Students that typically do not engage in class are immediately intrigued by her style, delivery, and engagement."

"Theresa's approach to sensitive topics such as race and sexuality was appropriate and beneficial to our youth who are mostly Black LGBTQ. Additionally, I admire Theresa's ability to make the life skills classes engaging through music, poetry, art, and activities designed to foster engagement from our youth residents.

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